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Technical test of the Bohen Mille-Mer.

Some time ago, the talented Olivier Mory offered to test the Bohen Mille-Mer to see if the quality was really up to the reputation that our very young brand is achieving. For those who don't know about him, Olivier works for the biggest brands: Audemars Piguet, Renaud & Papi, he even developed three movements for Richard Mille. Olivier produces its own tourbillon movement and let's say: he is a rising star in the luxury watchmaking world.

Curious, anxious and excited, we agreed to submit to his control devices and his machines of destruction. 5000G impact tests, wear tests, the result is summed up in the very elegant text message he sent to us: "It's flawless, mr Giuliani".

Here is the link of the test, it is not a review but a "crash test" to which is added the professional look of a watchmaker who works for the greatest brands.

If needed, here is an English version:

ENGLISH - Mille Mer Technical Review by Olivier MORY
Download PDF • 1.20MB

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1 Comment

Wow! Congratulations Blaise and Bohen!

After watching that video and reading Mr. Mory's explanation of his full testing and overall assessment of the Mille Mer, I can only say that I am mightily impressed.

Beauty, Strength, Innovation, Toughness, and Practicality . . . along with genuine Ambidextrosity to boot!

The Mille Mer is an amazing achievement that surely will be coveted by both serious divers and "tool watch" aficionados everywhere!

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