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Grande-Marine : pre-orders opening to the public.

Dear Bohenists,

The sun is shining above Bohen as it’s a third successful launch! Our joy was, however, somewhat spoiled by a group of people who found a way to buy the Grande-Marine even though they were not Ambassadors. I didn't appreciate it, we are in the process of taking measures for them and for the Ambassadors who helped them.

Apart from that, thank you all and be informed that production started. The rectified prototypes will arrive at the beginning of April and Brice Wagner, photographer loved by all for his kindness and talent, will be happy to photograph it for you.


Tomorrow, Sunday, we will open the Pre-orders to everyone, with a launching price that will gradually increase until reaching the final price. Please know that we have made great efforts to offer you such a price.

A number of ambassadors have not yet had time to place their orders. Don’t worry, we will create a code that you can ask us for before placing your order. However, don't wait too long because soon, all orders will be processed at the same price.

Bohen Ambassadors are not just customers who receive a discount. They take part in an intense adventure. We are not a financial group. We look after our customers, we talk with them, we develop timepieces with the desire to amaze them. When a customer calls me and explains to me that he is hesitating between the Grande-Marine and a Tudor, I tell him to buy a Rolex instead, then I hang up because he has no understanding of our level of quality and of our commitments.

The Ambassadors are the ones who play an important role to spread the brand known and to introduce us to new customers. They are active and pre-order from an early time, which helps finance the production.

There is a real anthorough exchange. 

Some have made sacrifices to afford a Bohen, we know them, they will remain ambassadors for life as long as they are happy to be so.

We thank you from the bottom of our hearts for all of this.

Very sincerly, Blaise-Dominique.

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