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NEWS - Bohen Grande Marine

Dear friends,

For the first time, we received so many emails, phone calls, text messages and messages on social networks that we were not able to respond to you individually. Don't think that we have changed our working style, but to tell you the truth, the launch of the production and the development of another upcoming model take up all my time. We have therefore made a brief to respond to you all:

Your questions, our answers:

Quantities produced in 2024:

Demand is so high for this model that we have increased our production from 300 to 500 pieces, however, this will probably not be enough. We don't want to produce more, in order to guarantee our quality standards and the work done by hand.

Specifications, prices and images on our site:

Kindly be a little more patient, it is in progress and we’re working hard. Please note that we will open the pre-orders with a real limited margin, and then move towards our comfort margin which is x2.

Pre-orders opening:

In three or four weeks for ambassadors and Bohen StarDiver owners. Then, opening to all those who want to experience a Bohen timepiece ater that 1 or 2 weeks.

Delivery time:

We are planning it for September, however the increase in quantities will perhaps shift us towards October. My principle is to never put pressure on our manufacturers, in order to show them my respect for their work, and my respect to our customers.

Payment in installments :

We accept payment in several transfers. The watch is shipped when all funds have reached our account.

Note that we do not wish to collaborate with Paypal.

Is it possible to come and see the Grande Marine in Marseille ?

This will be possible in about two months. Due to our great development, we had to organize ourselves differently and the prototypes remained in Switzerland. When we receive the pre-production copies in Marseille, we will make you some coffee and happily let you try the Grande Marine.

Next weekend, we will send you a new message to keep you informed of our progress. In the meantime, today's question:

Left Side or Right Side?

The Grande Marine offers two crown configurations. If the crown on the right side makes it easy to change the time, the crown on the left side has the advantage of never coming into contact with the skin of the hand, which is very comfortable.

Very cordially, Blaise-Dominique.

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