For the Bohen Mille-Mer Ambassador series, Bohen offers a three-year international warranty (parts and labor) from the date of shipment (shown on your warranty card).

The Warranty for your watch covers manufacturing defects and breakdowns for a period of three years. It excludes:

  • Normal wear of materials, scratches, natural aging and shocks. Improper use of the watch, such as contact with water when the crown is incorrectly screwed down.  


  • Shocks, crushing, violent handling, forcing the winding stem, inappropriate use.


  •   Any form of dismantling, including unscrewing the case back.


  • Wearing the watch while playing sports such as golf, tennis, mountain biking and sports which subject the movement to sudden pressure or intense vibrations.  


  • Although the settings of our watches are controlled, they can change over time due to ubiquitous magnetic fields: security gates, cell phones, etc. Avoid magnetic fields.  


  • Do not leave your watch in direct sunlight.  


  • After use at sea, rinse your watch with clear water. Service your watch every four or five years.  


  • If you are often diving, regulary ask a professional to check your watch gaskets.



The screw-down crown has 3 positions.

Position 1: winding.

Unscrew the crown counterclockwise.

Then, without pulling on the stem, gently turn the crown clockwise.


It takes about 30 turns for complete winding. Never force, otherwise the winding stem will break.

Position 2: Rapid date change. 
Never set the date between 9 p.m. and 3 a.m. (death zone). During this time, changing the date of your watch risks damaging the date disc.  


After unscrewing the crown, pull the stem out one notch.


Set the date by turning the crown counter-clockwise.

Position 3: time change. 
After unscrewing the crown, pull it out two notches.


Turn the crown in one direction or the other until the time is displayed correctly.