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Bohen offers a three-year international warranty (parts and labor) for all the watches, from the date of shipment (written in your warranty card).

The Warranty for your watch covers manufacturing defects and breakdowns for a period of three years. It excludes:

  • Normal wear of materials, scratches, natural aging and shocks. Improper use of the watch, such as contact with water when the crown is incorrectly screwed down.

  • Shocks, crushing, violent handling, forcing the winding stem, inappropriate use.

  • Any form of dismantling, including unscrewing the bottom.

  • Wearing the watch during sports such as golf, tennis, mountain biking and sports which subject the movement to sudden pressure or intense vibrations.

  • The accuracy settings of our watches as they will change over time due to ubiquitous magnetic fields: security gates, tablets, cell phones, etc. Avoid magnetic fields.

  • Do not leave your watch in direct sunlight.

  • After use at sea, rinse your watch with fresh water. Have your watch serviced every four or five years.

  • ​​ If you are a diver, have the watertightness checked regularly.

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