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I just picked up the Marvel this evening. And I'm ecstatic about it. A Bohen watch is much more
than a simple accessory; it's a work of art that combines mechanical precision with exquisite
aesthetics. Every detail, from the movement to the meticulous finishing, testifies to a
commitment to quality and elegance. To wear such a watch is not only to measure time, but also
to celebrate refinement and watchmaking expertise. Bravo Blaise, Lucie and the entire Bohen
team. Can't wait to discover your next brilliant creation. More than ever, I'm proud to say I'm a
Olivier M. -- FRANCE

I love the watch. I have it on the orange strap and it looks fantastic. It keeps impeccable time,
accurate to 1 second a week as far as i can tell.
Thanks so much. I am very happy I bought the watch. It wears comfortably, keeps astonishingly
accurate time and looks great on the super saturated orange strap.
Graham. D -- Texas, USA.

I'm very impressed.. I own a lot of watches.. Quite a lot in fact, and I've worn this twice since I
received it and besides being well made, it's quite good looking and your bracelet is incredible..
Geoffrey. G -- Texas, USA.


Thanks again ! This StarDiver is a total success... I was apprehensive about the size but
absolutely not! You described the object very well through the lives and various visuals with all
honesty. And I took the plunge last February!
And I have absolutely no regrets!
I fell in love with her from the first drafts that I saw it passing in front of my eyes! It is, in my
humble opinion, the most elegant/technical and classy and above all well thought out diver in
the market! It breaks the codes, with atypical assets and a presence on the wrist! I'm used to
wearing a lot of diver's gear and the balance is perfect!
A watch that will not leave anyone untouched when they wear it... I'm sure of it!
You won me over, Blaise-Dominique and I can’t wait to continue following this adventure that is
Nico A. --- FRANCE

I am very impressed with the quality and finish of the watch, it fits really well, and is slimmer
than the Mille Mer. I am extremely happy with the watch, thank you!
Q. Pham -- Ontario, CANADA.

All my satisfaction after receiving Ma StarDiver. It's a constant pleasure to have it on your wrist,
it's definitely a watch that won't leave you indifferent, it's a watch that stands out, so far I've only
had compliments. Thank you again for this beautiful creation.
Eric. G --- FRANCE.

A great watch! I want to congratulate you on this magnificent work and result. I admire it more
than it just tells the time! And the steel bracelet is a real marvel.
Long live Bohen and your new watch projects.

Well done and thank you!
Jacques. W ---FRANCE

What an amazing piece of design & manufacturing with perfect proportions. I really like the
bracelet design, I sized it perfectly in just a few minutes. As always, the presentation is flawless
in beautifully crafted wood boxes. It was well worth the wait. As with my Mille Mer, flawless
finishing & machining. Thank you again for an amazing timepiece.
H. Katz – USA.

Thousand thanks for this very beautiful watch which will accompany my incredible Mille-Mer.
Bravo for your genius and the excellence of your work.
Looking forward to a new creation....
Eric. V --- FRANCE

Bracelet adjusted (so easy ), time and date set (again so easy ) and huge smile on
my face!
Only word to describe it is “Wow”! It really is a show stopper and as aesthetically pleasing as a
timepiece many times more expensive. Congratulations to you all - Worth the wait?
Roy. M – United Kingdom.

I received the Stardiver today, and I immediately wanted to congratulate you and thank you for
this magnificent work. It is incredible in every points of view: readability, bezel prediction, glass
quality, luminova clarity, balance when wearing, perceived general quality, proportions, ease of
adjusting the bracelet, beauty of the packaging, contrast of facets and curves , polished and
brushed: much more impressive on the wrist than the idea I had of it on the site or on Youtube. I
always have great pleasure wearing the MilleMer, and I feel that my story with this StarDiver is
going to be very beautiful too. Thank you for this beautiful creation, and for the experience that
you wanted to bring to the client: It is great art.
Philippe V. --- FRANCE

Underwater elegance, with a breathtaking design, incomparable comfort, a symbol of success,
by owning this watch we are part of the history of luxury watchmaking, we will wear on our
wrists a piece of craftsmanship that embodies know-how and a reliable brand.
It is a valuable investment in addition to being an object of desire.
Thank you Blaise G.
Gaetan. C – Belgium

I am so happy with it, with your company, and so happy there is a pioneer who is not afraid to
do something original.
Chris V. E. --- USA

Adjustment of the size of the superb bracelet carried out at lightning speed, the magnificent fine-
adjustable buckle is of uncommon technicality. The balance on the wrist and the lume are

impressive (just the same as the Mille Mer’s). The bezel is very fluid. I love the brushed part of
the case, it gives a technical look to the watch. In short, I am overwhelmed, a real success!
Thank you Blaise-Dominique.
Mathieu V. --- FRANCE

A real bomb.
I am captivated by all its details, its manufacturing quality. The bracelet is just incredible and
provides extraordinary comfort...
Blaise Giuliani hit it hard and spoiled us again with this incredible StarDiver!!!
Florent D. --- FRANCE

Bohen has created what I think it is the equivalent of Hyper or Mega cars into the watch world
turning in Megawatches while keeping elegance, quality and manufacturing above all. With a
personal and hand made approach to pieces thought to last a lifetime.
Mauricio P. --- USA


I didn't think I would feel such emotion... Nothing more to say.
Fred F. -- FRANCE

What happiness! In addition, I had the chance to benefit from a very friendly and informative
telephone conversation. I don't think this marvel will leave my wrist anytime soon. It is very
comfortable to wear and for the moment I have only tried the metal bracelet, the adjustment of
which turned out to be extremely simple. A great pleasure: thank you to the Bohen team!
Jean-Marc S. ---- FRANCE

Beautiful watch which has not left my wrist for 3 weeks with its 3 bracelets. Very happy with this
purchase. Thank you !
Laurent J. --- Luxembourg.

Extremely pleasant to wear, including on Rubbers. The Orange one is a killer
Pascal A. ---- FRANCE

No kidding, she's splendid!!!!
Thank you Blaise, Lucie and the entire Bohen team for this marvel
Francois S. --- FRANCE

Thank you to Blaise and Lucie for an amazing piece!
Derek W. --- USA

StarDiver is a name that totally suits it and I take Star in reference to space, an atypical
intergalactic watch that Blaise developed for us there.
Hats off !
Lionel B. --- FRANCE

Always impressed by the level of quality of the product that Blaise offers us, right down to the

Pierre -Henry F. --- FRANCE

18-cm wrist, 2 links less and 3 micro adjustments of the buckle and it fits perfectly!! Ultra
Many thanks again
Phil C. -- BELGIUM.

I am completely satisfied! The quality is really excellent!
The finishes are top notch. The dial. The same treatment applied to luminova. And it's clear a
simple ray of sunshine and she takes it really well. The lume is great!
The bracelets are very nice. Very convenient. On wrist. She has a beautiful presence.
She looks very professional. I call her a professional luxury diver!
We see that it is pure diving and that it was created by and with diving enthusiasts and that
pleases me enormously. I obviously love the crown on the left for working, it's practical so you
don't break your wrist with the crown, no discomfort. So as a tool it’s top! And when diving you
can put the computer there without any problem and risk of getting stuck!
The brushed/polished mix is also very well done!
I am happy. There, I think I really found the toolwatch (plus class) that I had wanted for quite a
few years to replace my old one. I have all types of dishwashers but I was looking for a really
high-end, durable one that dives and not just in the sink :). And which I hope I will be able to
keep quite a bit of time and use in all circumstances in a completely serene way! And for now
that’s the case!
Pace salutes the team.
Nicolas A. --- FRANCE

It is magnificent, light to wear. I am delighted.
Daniel L. -- SPAIN

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