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600 meters


Extra thin for a 600m diving watch.

With a thickness of 12.8 mm for a water resistance of 600m, the Bohen Grande Marine is probably the thinnest watch in the market in its category. To achieve this performance, it was necessary to develop a miniaturized helium escape valve and to create a screwed “pellet” caseback in GR5 titanium. The sapphire glass withstands the pressure thanks to its 3.5 mm thickness and the resistance of the case is increased by its internal architecture.

A haute couture dial.

Each Bohen reveals a challenge. For this dial, I chose to combine a gradient from black to gray, combined with an anisotropy effect. To obtain such a result, the dial is sunbrushed, to which a special coloring technique is applied because it must allow the anisotropic reflection to stand out, while maintaining the gradient. The result is a living, deep sensation, comparable to a pearl hidden in the darkness.

To enhance this work, numerous small details enrich the whole: pink gold, set indexes, highlight in gradient tones, white indexes and embossed logo. A true gem of refinement.


Outperforming Hyperlume.

To meet the professionals' needs, we use our own formula based on concentrated rare earths. The result is incomparable and places us ahead of all the models we have tested.

Buckle + diving extension link.

Thanks to our incremental buckle, you will adjust the band to your wrist to the nearest millimeter and it will only take a few seconds. For the professionals, the diving extension link will allow you to easily put the band above your wetsuit, unless you prefer one of the two rubber bracelets provided as standard.


Crown on the right or on the left?

The Bohen Grande Marine offers you two possibilities by choosing the crown on the right side or on the left side. On the right side, you choose elegance and the advantage of easily setting the time. On the left side, you choose originality and comfort since the crown will never touch your hand.


Why choose Bohen Grande Marine?

The Grande Marine is no exception to the rule: it is a meeting between opposites: on the one hand, a work of refinement and elegance; on the other hand, an ability to withstand the most hostile environments, even in the depth of the abyss. It's the ideal watch to start your evening in a tuxedo and end it on a mission in the deep sea.

Bohen's philosophy is not to hesitate. It's all about commitment, whether the result is out of the trends.

Blaise-Dominique (founder of Bohen).


Mille Mer blue dial

Edition 80 pieces.

002 bleue.png

Mille Mer grey dial

Edition 80 pieces.

003 grise.png
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