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1000 meters

300 pieces. In stock

Starting from   2 740,00  € Excl. Tax.

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World's first: A unique watch band.

Thanks to a combination of mechanisms placed on the links, and thanks to the development of our double control buckle, the Bohen StarDiver’s watch-band is the first in the world to be fully adjustable and micro-adjustable without tools. Whether your wrist is 15.1 or 22.3 centimeters in circumference, you can adjust it by yourself to the closest millimeter. This single watch-band costs the price of some complete Swiss watches.

Always faithful to the fine workmanship and the "jewellery’s details" approach, the first central links are designed in a V shape. You may not see on another watch this kind of work, which requires strictly perfect machining and assembly precision.
The V design also allows the strap to evolute from 26mm to 16mm which provides exceptional comfort.

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Triple Date: A Neuroscience Astuteness.

The brain takes longer time to understand some writing than to understand an image, especially if the writting is very small, like the date on a watch. But if the date’s number is in the middle of a three dates sequence, then the brain will see an image and understand it much faster. This trick is as efficient as a magnifying glass.


Oversized hand and Hyper-Lume.

To meet the demands of professionals such as offshore divers, the StarDiver is equipped with an ultra-readable oversized minute hand. As for the luminescence, we use our own formula based on concentrated rare earths, which offers the highest possible result in watchmaking.

Left side crown.

The crown, positioned between 40 and 45 minutes, avoids any unpleasant friction against the skin of the hand. This position also allows pros to have a dive computer in the first position on the wrist, and to use the Stardiver as a safety instrument.

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Why to choose the Bohen StarDiver?

Beyond a demonstration of know-how, innovation and precision, the StarDiver is a mix of two worlds: extreme and exception.

This fusion is the work of the designer, that's all I love and if all this is not about magic, in any case it’s all about alchemy.

Blaise-Dominique (founder of Bohen).



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