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Bohen is a small family business founded by Blaise-Dominique Giuliani, a designer experienced in luxury domain.

In creating Bohen, the idea was to design very high-level watches without the slightest constraint and without making any compromises. Bohen is a privileged space where I can go to the end of what I believe, follow my desires and bring my imagination to life. 


When I worked for famous brands, I had to adapt to marketing, production costs and follow trends. At Bohen, no investors, no shareholders to satisfy, Bohen decides everything and the client is the only arbiter. 

Hand-work finishes are required, prices are never negotiated because what I ask is never "less", but always "more". Our subcontractors work for the biggest brands and when they show me their best, I even ask them if we could go a little further.


This is how we developed the world's first internal date magnifier, and how a satellite lens ended up installed on a Bohen watch. The movements are rhodium-coated to last longer and fully decorated even if there is no transparent case back (on a diver watch, this would be a fault).

When I design a watch, I work for two years. Fifteen versions for the Mille-Mer, seventeen for the StarDiver, it's a work where the slightest curve must be perfect, where the rounded corners will be treated differently. It is also a fight against reality because every technical specifications involve physical and mechanical constraints.

To make a real luxury watch, you have to keep a promise, create desire, offer prestige and preserve rarity. This is why Bohen exists and why every day pleases me. The rest of the story, our customers will write it. Our watches are made for those who go beyond logos and brands fame. Those who wear our watches want fine craftsmanship, something racy. Far from mass production, they prefer to wear a rare, durable piece, executed in the old watchmaking tradition, in the rules of art.

The only difference that Bohen makes from the codes of luxury is the price. Don't misunderstand: we are not in a low price approach and our watches cost the same price to manufacture as models from the most famous brands. As one says, rarity means expensive. In fact, our products are expensive but the developement of e-commerce has changed the equation.

In the world of luxury, the price of a manufactured product is multiplied by 10 in stores. But with us, there is no shop, no reseller, no distributor, no massive communication campaigns or sponsorship.


We are in a direct relation with you and it is a perfect balance: the buyer benefits from a factory price, and we keep our precious independence.




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