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StarDiver Launch

Dear Members,

In less than a week, the Bohen StarDiver will be available for pre-order and will sign a new chapter in our history; the opportunity to show that we can accomplish things usually reserved for the giants of the watch industry.

On the aesthetic side, the StarDiver is smaller than the Mille-Mer and immediately fits onto any wrist. It is a watch that breaks all established codes. It is made for extreme fields, but has all the attention addressed to luxury watches. I don't need to tell you how much I'm in love with this exceptional piece, because apparently everyone falls in love with it at the first sight.

Here is where we are:

We have decided to produce only around 300 pieces for this first edition. The reason is that a Bohen owner must be assured of wearing a rare piece. In addition, small productions make it possible to offer the best result.

Concretely, our launching price will be 2,990 Euros excluding taxes. The watch comes with our over-engineered steel watch band.

For the moment, this price also includes a second box, consisting of two silicone straps (one black and one orange).

Prices will then increase in several steps until we reach our normal margin of X2, which will allow us to develop new models and invest in innovations.


1: Everyone will be able to buy at the same time: ambassadors and new customers. However, the ambassadors have a period of 15 days during which they are 100% guaranteed to be served.

2: Following difficulties encountered during the first campaign, we will not offer payment in installments for now. We are studying the possibility of adding it in the future. In addition to payment by card, payment by bank transfer will be possible: please select: "Offline Payment" option when making your purchase.

3: Delivery of the watches is scheduled in 6 months (September 2023).

Future Ambassadors:

Step by step, there will be new Ambassadors. This status will be obtained as a thank you, for example because you have introduced new customers to us. For information, some of our Ambassadors made us sell 3, 4 Bohen Mille-Mer; the highest record was 11 watches, sold by "word of mouth" by one ambassador! There are different ways to become an Ambassador.

Next email: We will notify you in a few days of the opening of the pre-order campaign.

To close, we are sorry for not being able to answer all your phone calls, support messages and reservation request emails. We have only two persons, Lucie and I, and we have a lot to manage. The pressure will calm down soon!

Sincerely, Blaise-Dominique.

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