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Newsleter 11

And The Winner Is:

Dear members,

After having had the vote within our community, then on Instagram and Facebook as well as with several groups, we are pleased to announce that the Bohen Mille-Mer won, with 57% of selected votes. However, there is also good news for the StarDiver’s lovers: with 43% of the votes, the watch will be produced just after. We have listened to what our members have suggested for this model and we will work on it, so that the StarDiver will be even more attractive.


Next steps :


Finalisation of plans by our technical office.

  1. Production of the first models.

  2. Once the watches have been finalised and validated, photoshoots and professional reviews will be carried out.

  3. Organisation of the watch presentation event (depending on the Covid context, should take place in Marseille, France).

  4. Launch of the sales campaign.


Once the sales campaign is over, we will immediately launch our beloved StarDiver!


Watch band:

Our watches are developed with the highest standards. For this reason, I decided to design our own stainless steel watch band, taking up the aesthetic codes of the case. We will share with you more about it very soon.

There will also be, subsequently, a silicone strap and an adapting link allowing you to install a Nato or a leather strap.

Packaging :

We are studying and considering the most appropriate packaging. If you have any idea, wish, suggestion, please let us know by sending us an email to:

Our project is mooving foward!

Sincerely yours, Blaise-Dominique Giuliani (founder of Bohen).



Newsleter 10

Dear members,

We're ready for the vote, it's up to you to decide which watch will write the first page of Bohen's history with.


As a member, we suggest that you send us your choice directly by email to



If you prefer the Bohen Mille Mer,

write: A

bohen stardiver 03.jpg


If you prefer the Bohen StarDiver, write: B

The vote will also be organized on our Facebook, Instagram as well as on the platforms of various groups that have supported us from the beginning.

But the members vote will be more considered, because your commitment is more important.


Thank you in advance for voting only once!

Personally, I would like to thank you for following us. Some have been there from the very beginning. We have worked a lot to get to this long-awaited moment and after the result of the vote, we will enter a whole new stage: finishing the technical study, launching the prototypes, and finally, presenting the watch to you. This adventure is intense and filled with challenges, there is a lot of technique in our watches, and a lot of ambition since from the start, our pact has been to offer you an exemplary quality for the lowest possible price.

We are going to win this challenge, together.


Sincerely, Blaise-Dominique GIULIANI



Newsleter 9

Dear Bohen Circle's members,


The vote is SOON!


Everything takes a long time in watchmaking, but each step taken is a great reward and I am very happy to announce that we will be launching the big vote within one or two weeks! The community has grown sufficiently and we have reached the necessary quorum.


You will decide which of our two watches will be produced first.

Once the vote has been taken, we will start manufacturing the first prototype!

I admit being as enthusiastic as I am impatient. The hours are no longer counted, the project has entered its acceleration phase.




We wish you an excellent return to work and write to you soon.


Yours, Blaise-Dominique.



Newsleter 8

Dear members,


Everyone well deserves vacation during the summer. We wish you some great sun and rest, for those who are on holidays, and courage for those who remain at work.

For Bohen, a few days with my family, with my wife and my two children. I take this opportunity to share ideas on my designs with my big son, who is a designer at Lallique (a famous crystal French company).

But this is a short vacation as we are working on the funding. Several solutions are progressing well, we will inform you in September.


Recently, I worked on the the Bohen Mille Mer hands design. Here are three versions, and it is up to you to decide which one you prefer. To vote, you have 2 possibilities:

1: by replying to this email.

2: by going to our facebook:

sondage aiguilles mille mer.png

Currently, we are looking for, among our members, some enthusiasts who have registered on watch forums such as WatchUSeek etc. or on discussion groups. If you are the one, you could shine a light on us by posting our images and talking about Bohen. This help would be so precious to us!

Please do not hesitate to write to us if you want to get started.



Lastly, at the beginning of September, we will open the final vote, which will determine which of our two watches will be produced first. The Mille Mer? The StarDiver?

Once we have the answer, it will finally be time to launch the prototypes!


I wish a lot of sunshine to all!


Blaise-Dominique Giuliani, founder of Bohen.



Newsleter 7

Dear members,


We are happy to introduce you the Bohen Stardiver movie. The video clip was produced and directed by Phil Carron, who is also the author of the Bohen Mille Mer film.

We keep in touch on Facebook :


Please add audio to enjoy the music !


60 days!


Newsleter 6

Hello dear members,


It has been only two months since we launched the project, during the virus time. A month ago, we only had 150 registered members.


As of June 15 you are:


450 subscribers on the website .

180 Facebook subscribers.

760 followers on Instagram .

Why can't you       ?

téléchargement (1).jpg

We often receive messages asking us to buy the watch right now.


We are very happy with this, but we still have to cross several milestones before launching the sales.

Even if we only margin by 2 and even we are 6 times lower priced than the big brands, Bohen watches cost a certain price, because of the quality. Therefore, we owe you more guarantees than if we sold a watch for 300 euros on Kickstarter.


What guarantees are we going to give you?

  1. The prototypes must be produced, corrected and must perfectly correspond to the criteria of the specifications.

  2. A mini series of 20 pieces will be produced in order to carry out several reviews on internet, with photos and videos in support. These watches will allow influencers to give their opinion on the quality of our timepieces.

  3. Organization of a presentation evening, where our members can come and try the watch and share their opinion with the other members of the Bohen Circle.

  4. Offer an independent guarantee from Bohen, provided by our Swiss manufacturers, which have existed for decades. Our company is small and new, but our manufacturers are strongly established.

  5. Offer an insurance option for the payment of the watch, controlling that your money will not run away to Panama, following a major scam!



When these 5 points are met, we can launch the sales campaign.

In the meantime, if you want to help us, please share our project with your friends who love watches. We operate a lot by this way !

What Else?

1: We posted a vote on our Facebook page. Please do not hesitate to participate by clicking on the photo bellow.

choix millemer A B.jpg

2: AWDO: An interview posted by Brice Wagner: click on the photo.

Article AWDO 2.jpg



Follow us on Facebook , we will post more and more contents there. Further to the newsletter, it will be intended to give you more on technical information.


June 01, 2020

Dear Bohen circle's members, already 15 days that we could not send  news to you !

The reason is that our community is expanding fast and it  overwhelmed us  : many emails to which I answer personally, requests for information, and also the production of the the Bohen Stardiver's film, which is almost finished. A big thank you to the talented Phil Carron.


On the production side , I will soon the 3d modelling of the two  clasps that you preferred. From these images, we will be able to choose definitively  the winner design.


In addition, the Bohen Mille Mer will have its latest design adjustments. We have listened to your comments, suggestions,   and have taken them into account for this next version. Your opinion counts for us.

I will soon show you a first illustration, I believe you will love it!



Significant change: our community having grown on all continents, we will talk about prices without taxes, so as not to penalize buyers from certain countries. Bohen is only margin by 2, it would be unfair to "overtax" foreign buyers.




On the communication side, we have also focused our efforts on Instagram and  we are starting to develop our page bohenwatches on Facebook. We are starting from zero, there is a lot to learn with social media! We will post more on facebook, so kindly follow us there.




Nice meeting: The Affordable Watches (AWDO) team published some about us (on Facebook and Instagram). They are pure enthusiasts, all my thanks to Brice Wagner who knows watchmaking on the fingertips. Other communications  with other influencers or magazines will come soon, it's really exciting.


Now: We are looking for a Community Manager specialized on watches and luxury products. The announcement is launched! The publications will still come from me, but there will be a specialist to bring us his skills in social networks.


New important step , we will soon start the financing phase, led by Flora Giacobbi, a specialist in corporate financial support (sorry for my poor english !)  who I have my full trust since she is a long-time friend. With Flora joining us, we have a great team and energy.




Have a good week !


Blaise-Dominique Giuliani, founder of Bohen.


Hi all,


This week, the newsletter is voluntarily very short, but important since we present you, in preview, the clip of the Bohen Mille Mer. A huge congratulations to Philippe Carron, the director, and to Arnaud Blanpain, the music composer.


Otherwise, if you are registered on  "Watch U Seek" forum, please tell us by email, we may need your help!


We hope you will love the movie as much as we do!


Sincerely, Blaise-Dominique.


Please consider adding audio!






Hi everybody,



We are continuing to develop our community and the magic has been operating for two weeks. Followers are joining us from all over the world, it's pretty fantastic. Between euphoria and fatigue, we spend our time behind the computers to answer your questions, communicate on the web and add interesting improvements that you requested.



PLEASE NOTE: Our Newsletter is optimized for pc and tablets. Our newsletter does not appear entirely and is not always correctly called for Android,

Dimensions of the Mille Mer:



After receiving several requests from our followers, the bohen mille mer takes the same length as the Bohen StarDiver. In other words, 50mm from horn to horn. This length is suitable for any wrist. In addition, the bracelet leaves the case with a less vertical angle. It's more harmonious.


Those who like menly pieces will lose nothing because it is the diameter of the bezel that gives the feeling.


Also at your request, here is a watch comparison to give you an idea of ​​the volume of the watch:

Comparatif Tailles Mille Mer.png

Phosphorescent lighting on the StarDiver :




On the comments of our diving advisers, we modify again the phosphorescence of the StarDiver, thus increasing the ease of reading underwater. From now on, we will use two distinct colors: blue, and green. The minute hand has been changed.

stardiver phosphor 01.jpg

Coronavirus impact on our watchmakers:


The information comes drop by drop but the virus's impact on the market seems very significant.

According to our sources, several Swiss suppliers are in difficulty. A dial manufacturer saw its orders go from 400,000 pieces to 150,000, following order cancellations.


About fifty brands, which suffered from financial difficulties, would be in danger if the financial groups which own them do not support them. However, for these brands, this is only an acceleration of trend because the problem was deeper, linked to a lack of attractiveness in terms of design, and a lack of adaptation to E-commerce which allows the development of new direct selling brands, such as Bohen. It's called Darwin law, and it is tuff.

Shortage of Swiss Made movements:


A war between the Swatch group and COMCO had already caused a spectacular shortage of movements for the year 2020 (I heard the staggering figure of 500,000 pieces). Until then, we were not worried: our manufacturer

is one of the big Swiss manufacturers, therefore they have a capacity

to be supplied in priority.

But since the virus appeared, manufacturers are closed.

They will reopen in 2 weeks, but the production will be slowed down.

Sellita and Soprod, who were already producing at their maximum

capacity (to reduce the shortage), are closed in the same way as ETA-Valjoux.


This situation could impact us, especially since our movements

are not standard models: they are assembled by other specialized

workshops to receive improvements and luxury finishes.

These upgrades increase the time of production, control, and require

other process currently paralyzed.


You can help us in three ways:



If you have friends who like watches, please talk to them or SEND them a MAIL with the link from our site:




You can also help us by sharing our Instagram and Twitter posts.




Linkedin, is one of the best media for us: Your messages will

reach people who look like you (age, socio-professional category and lifestyle). LINKEDIN is great for us.

See you soon,

Blaise Dominique GIULIANI

Previous week publication:

Friday 04/24/2020





Hello everyone, this week we started to communicate and new followers joined us.

For our second Newsletter, you will find 2 VERY IMPORTANT MESSAGES.

  1. Expanding our community.

  2. Bohen's Timeline.

ENLARGEMENT of the Bohen's circle:

Until now, we have asked you not to talk about our project around you.

The reason is that we needed to check the stability of our website. To do so, we sent you a questionnaire (the result of which is given below). These results enabled us to see that:


1: The website is stable and easy to use.

2: High satisfaction (beyond our target).

3: Respondents are ready to recommend the Bohen project to their friends.



If you have friends who like watches, please talk or WRITE to them . In terms of quality, we think it is the best way to  grow our community. Most of you know me personally, then, there is the bond of trust.


Website address:




You can also help us by re-tweeting and sharing our posts . This will increase our exposure.




You can also support us on Linkedin, which is one of the best medias for us because overall, the messages will reach people who look like you (age, socio-professional category). Therefore, people in your group may be interested in Bohen, like you. LINKEDIN is a top for us. If you can do this, please let us know by email, so that we will send you  some pictures of the watch:

The first stage is thus completed, we now move on to the second step : EXPANDING FOLLOWERS.


To find our audience, there is only one way: to be talked about. We have recently been presented on Twitter, Instagram and Facebook. 



You can help us in three ways:

Bohen's  TIMELINE :


The Bohen calendar depends on objectives to be reached and steps to be taken. The concept of time is difficult to estimate because the virus does not allow us to make serious forecasts. For this reason, the time line contains, for the moment, only stages of accomplishment. We will add details later.

Website design and content implementation.

Launch our newsletter.

Social media launch.

Objective of 1,000 followers reached.

Opening of the website for the first followers. Platform reliability tests, improvements. Website improvement questionnaire.

Development of Bohen's community.


Voting campaign to decide between the Bohen StarDiver and the Bohen Mille Mer. The watch that wins the vote will be produced first.

Consultations with the community and votes to choose the options. Packaging, additional watchbands, other modifications.

Launch of the final technical study of the watch.

Keep expanding our community.

Prototyping phase.

Target of 3,000 followers reached.

Followers can become members.

Members are invited to our presentation event : members can try the watch and give their comments.

We add watch photos on the website.

We add the event's videos, photos and comments from members.

Members have access to the sales campaign.

Putting watches into production.

Monitoring of production via the newsletter.

Last quality checks.

Shipping all watches to our customers.

Results of the questionnaire:


  • 96% had no technical difficulties on the website.

  • 91% gave a score between 8 and 10/10 for ease of navigation.

  • 96% gave a score between 8/10 for the aesthetics of the website.

  • 61% estimated that there are some elements to add on the website. We have taken your comments into account and added what was expected.

  • 100% questioned followers are ready to tell their friends about the project. THank you so much for this !

Sunday 19/04/2020

Hello everyone, after testing the stability of our site, we are launching our Newsletter. I hope you enjoy the content and that you may have suggestions for us. If this letter has reached you in error, you can unsubscribe at the bottom of the page.

Blaise D Giuliani.



Confinement requires, our manufacturers are still closed. However, we were able to communicate with the project manager, who announced that

the technical office becomes operational again (thanks to telework).

That's excellent new. On the other hand, the production unit

will remain close until May. At the start of the week, we

will have more news. We

will keep you informed.


Site improvements

At the request of some of you, we have added images showing the phosphorescence of the dials of our watches. Here is the result, which can be viewed by clicking on the photo of your choice, then by browsing the photo gallery.

stardiver phosphor 02.jpg

We have also launched a first option: the essential silicone bracelet. It will be black, but we will later suggest one or two other colors, which you will have to choose during a participatory vote.


INTERVIEW with the founder of Bohen.

Read the interview



The members area temporarily disappears in favor of the newsletter.


For now we prefered the notion of followers. A follower is a person who is interested in our project. He does not commit to anything, but gives valuable advice to us. Later, when the prototypes are made, the members area will reopen and it will be possible, for followers who want to acquire the watch, to register.

If they wish, those who have registered as members will find their place in priority.

Cine-Bohen  :



Philippe Carron, a French director, will produce two magnificent clips of our watches. We will talk about them again, and above all, we will make you discover them. In the meantime, here is an image from the film.

Screenshot 2020-04-07 at 15.33.07.png
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