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Update for Tuesday, August 9, 2022:

For our customers in the Marseille region:

Call us at 06 83 81 71 60 to make appointment. We will add the threadlocker for you.


For all other French and European customers:

  • Many of our customers have already fixed the problem at a watch shop/ store, or have managed to do it themselves .

  • Customers who have done it at a watch shop/ store can ask us for a refund (we will need the invoice, please keep it). It only costs a few euros.

  • For those who cannot have the issue fixed, please write to us at If you use WhatsApp, leave us your number so that we can contact you. Either way, please do not worry, we'll fix the problem no matter what it will cost us.

  • Another solution : our watchmaker is actually producing a screwdriver. we can send one to you once the production is done. Then, any watch repair shop will be able to do the job for you.

  • Another solution : you want to send back the watch to us (at our charges), so we will add the threadlock and will ship back the watch to you. Then, please send us an email before and wait for our answer (email to: If you decide to take this option, please remove the watch band and will only send the head of the watch with the universal links. No need for enormous packaging. Just make sure that the watch head is well protected. 

  • We will publish more information shortly. Thank you all for your understanding and for your kindness. We thought there would be a terrible bad buzz on the internet and finally, the opposite is happening: Ambassadors all love the Mille-Mer and quite a number of watch stores selling famous brand watches called us following the arrivals of our customers to have the thread lock added at their places. These stores were impressed by the quality of our first model and offered us to do business with them. Like what, in all negative events, there is always something positive. Obviously, as you already know, we have chosen to sell our watches directly to our customers, without any intermediary.


Blaise Dominique.

Read this message carrefully, the information is more complete than on the previous email.


On a Bohen Mille-Mer, the crown is at 12 o'clock. Therefore, we cannot put a springbar to fix the watch band (the bar would cross the crown). For this reason, the band is attached to the watch head  by two screws.

Unfortunately, we discovered a major problem with the two screws.

These two screws have been designed to receive thread locker (they are slightly smaller than the diameter of the screw thread so that the product fills the empty space). Unfortunately, and despite our factory's assertion, this has not been done.


Threadlocker is a kind of glue/varnish that locks the screws on the engines, for example, of your cars and motorcycles. We also put it on diving watches.

This is a serious mistake, because the two screws were designed specifically to receive this threadlocker. If there is none, one of the two screws comes loose and falls. 

Important note: it would be too complicated to explain the mechanical principle, but the second screw cannot fall. On the other hand, it will remain loose. It is imperative to treat the problem on both screws.

For watches that have not yet been shipped:

We will first add the thread lock on your watches, before sending them out. Our after-sales service, based in the region, will take care of it on Tuesday or Wednesday.

FYI, they are going to apply the red thread lock (the strong one). 

In your package, there will be a small paper stating that your watch has been treated.



For those who have received their watch or who will receive it without the paper (watches currently in transit):


1: Until the problem is fixed, do not wear your watch.

2: Go to a watch repair shop or a store that sells watches and has a repair service.

3: ask them to unscrew the two screws, put on medium or strong threadlocker (blue or red) , then put the screws back on. It will only cost you a few euros and the job will be done in 5 minutes.

4: Some watchmakers do not have the necessary screwdriver. Indeed, it is a  "H"  shape head for "H" screws used for other well-known brands. If they don't have the tool, they can take a 2mm screwdriver and make a slit in the middle (they have the dremel to do this). Watchmakers who make repairs are used to adapting their tools.

A watchmaker's screwdriver is made up of two main parts: the handle and the head. The handle is usable almost for life. The head, on the other hand, is changed when it is getting used. Watchmakers know how to recut a head.


Example of H-shaped screwdriver:


Again, don't wear your watch until you've had the threadlocker added!



Despite the weekend, our assembler has already been notified of the problem. On Monday, we will share more with him. He knows he made the mistake, he is sorry, but the reality is that it is you, our customers, who suffer from it, and it is we who will suffer your reproaches. It is truly a shame for me. I don't even know how to express how I feel. I obviously present my sincere apologies, knowing that you have the right to be angry with me. It's part of the way, this kind of problem happens but what drives me crazy is that it would have been easy not to forget such a simple thing to do for everything to go for the best.

I will let you know Monday evening.


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