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Update about the Mille-Mer's production.

Dear Ambassadors, Currently, the production situation is improving. After operating with reduced staff due to the Covid, our subcontractors have resumed a rhythm close to normal. The 500 movements are finished, the packaging is in production, the Ambassadors medals are finished. Initially, the most pessimistic date for the delivery of the watches was mid-September. A Few weeks ago, we were told that it would finally be the end of August. But over time, the calendar has improved even more and this week we were given a date of July 15. The covid situation is less bad and everyone hopes that there will not be a new wave of contamination. Another factor taken into account is the explosion in the prices of raw materials. We had to increase our prices and there will most likely be another increase for our future customers if we are too impacted. Finally, the consequences of the war are catastrophic for Europe and the rest of the world, both in human and economic terms. Miraculously, we only had one order cancellation (a customer from Poland who had to cancel for personal reasons). The other ambassadors are understanding and supporting us. Anyway, there is no other solution, those who try to buy a new car, a computer or a camera could experience this situation and delays. Have a great weekend. Blaise-Dominique.

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