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Deliveries and Instructions.

Dear Bohenists,

It is our pleasure to announce that we have started delivering the StarDiver. This will take several more days and we thank you in advance for your patience.

Very important: the user manual for the watch is available online, on the StarDiver page. You can click here to visit:

Please read it carefully, especially the chapter on the watchband settings, which comes with a demonstration video.

The Bohen StarDiver is the result of an enormous commitment, in which we have achieved an exceptional level of finishing and engineering. The level of quality testing is such that we have become the only brand in the world to test 100% of its watches at 1000 meters. Better than the COSC, we test the precision of the movement once the watch is assembled. You can guess it, I'm proud of our Bohen and I often think back to my grandmother, who said "the customer is the king".

There is a part of my soul in every Bohen.

Very cordially,


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