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All Bohen Mille-Mer is sold-out!

We are happy to announce that the first chapter of the Bohen adventure completed a few days ago, while we were packing the boxes for the deliveries, we realised that The Mille Mer(s) have been out of stock.

We still can't realize the reality of this event, especially since we still have around thirty threadlockers to solve and 25 watches to deliver, depending on some Ambassadors' returns from their holidays.

Lucie, a true warrior - I admire you, you carried my soul and helped me until the end - took the leadership on the finish and we are exhausted, but so happy.

Everyone was fantastic with us, the Ambassadors were very generous and helped us.

Thank you for your patience, thank you for all this resilience, thank you for your kindness, empathy, and for your great enthusiasm.

You may have all noticed that, French social media have been very much talking about Bohen these days, it's all amazing.

The Mille-Mer will have two more mini-series: 80 pieces with a blue dial, and 80 pieces with a grey dial, as planned. Then the production will be definitely closed. Initially, it was to be produced at 500 units per year, but we finally felt that a first model should mark the history of the brand. By stopping production, it becomes hard to find (and therefore increasing in value).

Lucie and I are infinitely grateful to you for believing in us, I only brought you my passion and our work. In front of you, there was only one promise, and it was because you committed yourself alongside us that this promise was converted into almost 200 grams of art and emotion. The magic is all of you and us, together.

Now, the chapter 2 begins:



Lucie and Blaise-Dominique.

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