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3 options to purchase the StarDiver.

We are pleased to announce that more than one third of StarDiver series have been sold. Everything is going as planed and the production is progressing without any delay. Now, our offer is variable (without increasing the price). It means you now have three choice options for your purchase:

Option 1: Bohen Stardiver with the set of two silicone bands (orange + black) only. Price: €2,160.00 excl. tax

Option 2: Bohen Stardiver with the stainless steel band and its double control buckle only. This watchband is fully adjustable and micro-adjustable without tools. This is a very sophisticated world innovation. Price: €2,740.00 excl. tax

Option 3: This is the complete set that we recommend to the Collectors: Bohen Stardiver with the two silicone straps (orange + black) + the fully adjustable and micro-adjustable stainless steel band without tools and its double control buckle . Price: €2,990.00 excluding tax.

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