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1000 meters



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Out of Stock

Mille Mer black dial

Edition 500 pcs only

3 000,00 € Excl. Tax.

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Last pieces

Mille Mer blue dial

Edition 80 pcs only

3 000,00 € Excl. Tax.

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Last pieces

Mille Mer grey dial

Edition 80 pcs only

3 000,00 € Excl. Tax.


1st internal Date magnifier on a bridge:

A date magnifier cannot be glued to a domed glass.


As our crystal is a curved one, we have developed a lens connected by two bridges placed between the sapphire glass and the hands.

In a Bohen watch, everything is designed to achieve excellence.

A remarkable dial.

As deep as it is luminous, our dial is worthy of a piece of jewelry. The indexes are not molded but machined one by one, for an incomparable rendering.

The luminescence is also outstanding: 50% more powerful and twice as long in efficiency as dials of other brands, thanks to a modified formula based on concentrated  Superluminova X1.


Tool-free watchband change.

For your comfort, we have equipped our metal band with a quick release system, made of a simple push button. In one minute, you can change your mind and install the silicone strap, also provided in the box.


Micro-adjustment buckle.

The ratchet system of our buckle allows an easy and precise adjustment. The feeling will be perfect when you wear the watch on your wrist.


Helium escape valve.

Integrated into the case, the automatic helium escape valve will protect your Bohen Mille-Mer during deep dives.

High finish movement.

Although the Mille-Mer does not have a transparent back, our movement, 100% made in the Swiss Jura, is entirely decorated and rhodium-coated. Pearled bridges, rotor in Côtes de Genève, the exceptional workmanship is also into the smallest details, even those that cannot be seen.

Adjustment +/-4s/day, power reserve 42 hours.

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