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The production of the components is finished!

Dear members. Bohen is happy to announce that all our components are ready. Assembly will begin soon.


1: All of our indexes are hand machined, not cast. To produce 500 sets of indexes, 750 sets must be produced. In fact, 1/3 of them will not pass our quality controls.

2: To protect the indexes from scratches, they are individually placed inside a kind of tiny bag that looks like a watchmaker's mini finger cot:

These protections will be removed at the last moment, when placing the indexes on the dial.

About our movements : they will travel next week to our assembler, moving from the Swiss Jura area to a region close to the Italian border. As you know, our movements are set at 4s/day and as long as the movement is not placed in the watch case, it could be damaged. So, no shipment by post nor carrier: the travel will be done by a manufacturer's driver, in an air-conditioned vehicle. Every detail counts!

We had several order cancellations, it's a pity because the delivery is getting closer. On the other side, other customers have joined us, thanks to our ambassadors that spoke about us to their friends.

Sincerely, Blaise-Dominique.

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Y! Really exciting news! Congratulations!


Jason Ryall
Jason Ryall
May 14, 2022

Good work sir !!

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