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Silicone Watch Band.

We have often talked about it, here it is in pictures!

As a reminder, it is offered to all buyers of the Bohen Mille-Mer at no additional charge.

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Jouni Kyllonen
Jouni Kyllonen
Mar 08, 2022

This looks absolutely gorgeous and totally transforms the watch. Do we get these watch bands automatically with the watch or do we need "tick a box" somewhere to receive them?


This is an incredibly beautiful watch band!

Looking at these photos, this band appeared to me as actually being constructed of separate black links and pins.

Only after I zoomed in closely on the photos could I see how cleverly the molded surface of this band is designed to achieve that elegant appearance!

I believe this much attention to detail in the design of what easily could have been just a very plain, serviceable accessory strap confirms Bohen's remarkable commitment that it carefully considers -- and applies very high standards of quality to -- both the style and impeccable function of everything in, in, and related to its watches!

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