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New website and Adrenaline.

Dear members,

Our new website is online, thanks to the huge help of one of our Ambassadors, his two business partners and their team. As it is a beautiful story, I will share it with you.

One evening in last July, Lucie and I met Guillaume, a businessman from Aix-en-Provence.

He collects watches and has already seen the Bohen Mille Mer on our website before but he was surprised by our price (luxury watches are much more expensive in stores). Since he's a marketer, he imagined that Bohen did like many others: promise luxury products but deliver mid-range objects.

In that evening, I had the Mille Mer on my wrist: he felt in love and bought it immediately. Guillaume is an atypical, brilliant, funny and unfiltered person. He was enthusiastic but pointed out our limited ability to sell our watches, as well as the weaknesses of our website made of small DIY things. He was right, I accepted all his words and he concluded:

"Well, now you need help... and we will help you"...

A few days later, Guillaume introduced me to Sophie and Jean-Michel, his partners in business. Together, they run Market Academy, an e-commerce agency that develops businesses on the internet. During lunch, I told them about our adventure and I felt that they liked it. Guillaume is very enthousiast. He thinks very fast, goes straight to the point, he lets his imagination run free. For her part, Sophie is very realistic and structured. It constitutes the balance which without it would perhaps be chaos.

Jean-Michel is the atomic weapon, the genius programmer of the trio. He is the creator who will write the application that will change everything. Guillaume admires him a lot and this group of 3 brilliant personalities really pleases me. Their company is a hit, they live a success story and realize their dreams. But what connects them together is first of all their great heart and their humbleness. At cofee time, they decided to give me a wonderful gift: to provide us what Bohen needs to grow. It will take a year, it will save us five years, it will be free and there is a lot of work (the Google robot has not even understood yet that we are selling watches).

Thanks to the work of the Market Academy's teams, the website has been completely reworked. It is simpler, more beautiful and more structured. Invisible lines of code will allow the Google engine to understand our activity and therefore, to better reference us

So there you have it, a huge thank you to Sandra and Amélie who improved the site. And another huge thank you to Sophie, Jean-Michel and Guillaume. Three Ambassadors who have become generous angels. Their help and heart leaves me speechless. Thank you Sophie, thank you Jean-Michel, thank you Guillaume, with all my heart. What a deeply human adventure!

Now all you have to do is visit the new Bohen's website, and discover the finalized design of our future Bohen StarDiver. In a few days, I will write to you more details about this vertiginous model of technicality and you will see that there are huge demonstrations of know-how and risk-taking that will make it an icon.

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