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  • The transfers costs are exclusively at your expense.


  • For Europe, we recommend SEPA transfers, the cost of which varies from a few cents to around 5 euros, depending on your bank.


  • Upon receipt of the first installment to our bank account, we confirm that your pre-order is final and has been registered. If you cancel your purchase after the first transfer, significant penalty charges will be retained up to 350 euros.  


  • Indicate your name and the reference of your order on each transfer, so that we can easily identify you.


  • Please confirm by email  once the transfer has been sent.

SCHEDULE: 3 installments, three months apart.

  • You then have 5 days to make your first transfer to the benefit of Bohen, corresponding to approximately 1/3 of the total amount.  

  • The second transfer, corresponding to approximately 1/3 of the total amount, takes place one month after the first transfer.


  • The third transfer, corresponding to the remainded amount, occurs one month after the second transfer.


Our bank account details :

Bank name : LCL ( Agence Grand Pavois )

Bank code : 30002

Agency : 02871

Bank adress : 314, Av. du Prado, 13008 Marseille, FRANCE

Our account name : BOHEN

Our company adress : 3, Bd. Honoret. 13004 Marseille, FRANCE

Account number : 0000073438E

RIB : 47

IBAN : FR57 3000 2028 7100 0007 3438 E47


SAS Bohen.  Company with a capital of: 150,000, oo Euros.  Registration number: 898 431 101 RCS Marseille.



Payment by transfer in three installments is binding for us, both in terms of management and follow-up of the file. This is the reason why we are obliged to define a very strict framework and apply significant penalties in the event of non-compliance with the rules of this agreement.

A delay is accepted in the event of exceptional impediment. However, it cannot exceed 15 days. Beyond this period, we will cancel your order, you will be refunded the sums paid, minus the penalties.

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