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Bohen Newsletter



Newsletter 27

Dear Ambassadors and dear members,


This message contains very important information:


1: Price change.

2 : American Express card is now accepted.

3 : Delays due to the Covid.

4: StarDiver project.



1: Our launching price will end on February 15th.

As a reminder, we are currently selling the Bohen Mille-Mer almost without profit. Gradually, our price will increase as the prices of raw materials have jumped up, like the price of petrol.


For the last hundred pieces still available, the excluding-tax price of the Mille-Mer will be 2,000 euros.


Therefore, there are still two weeks to benefit from the launching price.

In the future, we will adjust again our prices to achieve the middle ground.



2: American Express.

2: Good news: we now accept American Express cards.

For our customers outside Europe, you will still sometimes have to call your bank to inform them of your purchase. In fact, many foreign banks tend to limit transactions when you pay on a foreign website.

3: Production delays.

The Covid caused a major impact on price increases of raw materials. But not only that, there are also shortages and delivery delays throughout the global industries. The watch industry is not out of the situation, almost all brands including the most famous ones are being affected by the delays. We will not be avoidable and unfortunately we cannot do anything about it: the component manufacturers have had to reorganize because of the virus clusters. They have to deal with the lack of manpower and restrictive sanitary rules. Everything works in slow motion and even if we always say that in watchmaking, it is urgent not to hurry, we are fully aware that it is unpleasant for you to wait for the watch you purchased. We hope for your understanding, support and patience. Your encouragement can only help us overcome this difficult time of health crisis. We will keep you informed of the evolution of the calendar.

To compensate for this delay, and at no additional charge, Bohen will send to each Mille-Mer purchaser the silicone watch band we are currently finalizing.

We hope you will appreciate it.

rubber 18bis.jpg

4: The Stardiver Project has been reworked and takes on a new twist.  To begin with, the watch has been finalized aesthetically, as well as technically.

DSC04685 (2).jpg

This new project will be a demonstration of professionalism and we have surrounded ourselves with the best: professional divers and military divers. For what reason? The answer is simple: “because our motto will never change”.

Excellence, Reliability, Precision.

Thank you for your attention. Very sincerely,




Newsleter 26

Dear members,



First of all,  a thank-you video message to the Ambassadors who bought the watch.

Please add English subtitles in the menu.


An important article about the Bohen Mille-Mer has just been published on A Blog To Watch. For those who still have questions about our quality, I recommend reading it. To find out the article, please  CLICK HERE.



Apart from the packaging, all orders related to the production of the watch have been placed (especially the movements had the top priority since it takes longer time to produce).

The production of a luxury watch happens a bit like in an airport: there are big famous airplanes and small planes like us. We are all lining up to access the same take-off route. We are waiting  for our turn. I think Bohen is the smallest airplane in the queue, but right now the big and famous planes may think that we look very glamourous. There are many good feedbacks coming from our competitors.


In the world of watchmaking, many eyes are turning to us, and we have a few interesting and surprising meetings coming soon. But Chhuuut! please keep quiet for now !



Our Soprod movements will be completed at the end of January. As a reminder, Soprod company is one of the last gems of the true Swiss quality: they produce 100% Swiss-Made movements (in Jura's region) and deserve to be talked about. I may visit them to show you the production in pictures but everything will depend on the covid situation, which is deteriorating at the moment.


For the packaging, the order should be completed next week.


We're right on schedule for now.



Meetings :


We are continuing to meet with our members. 100% of our visitors with a wrist of 17 cm or more purchased the watch without a smallest hesitation: once the watch is on the wrist, it speaks for itself.

We had a lot of French visitors around us who posted their testimonials on social networks (mostly on French forums and groups) such as:

  • AWDO (Affordable Watches, Divers and Others). (Brice Wagner made a Review of the Mille-Mer in English).

  • Horlogerie Francophone  (Olivier Mory,  a master watch-moverment developer, will release  his review in a few days).



That's all for this time, I look forward to sharing with you more news on the rubber watch band of the Mille Mer and the Development of the StarDiver project in the coming Newsletters.


See you soon,




Newsleter 25

Dear members,


A week ago, we launched the sales campaign for our ambassadors. At the same time, we have received the final watches, which 100% meet our requirements in terms of quality and finishes. You will discover the photos at the end of this letter.







Only a few more days of waiting!


Useful information:

  • You can pay in 1 installment by Visa, Mastercard or bank transfer.

  • You can pay in 3 or 4 installments, but only by bank transfer.


Warning :

  • For bank transfers, the fees are 100% at your expense.

  • For Visa or Mastercards, remember to check your payment limit. Banks sometimes set limits for internet transactions.



Note: Our Newsletters always contain useful information, don't miss it.


And now, you can click on the link to see the photos:



Newsleter 24

Dear members,



Yesterday we emailed those who signed up for the reservation list. If you did not receive it, it means there was a mistake or a bug during your registration. If you are in this case, thank you for re-registering and sending us a message, we will resend the email.

A Blog To Watch.

A Blog To Watch has just published a long article on Bohen. With its 800,000 visitors per month, AblogToWatch will allow many enthusiasts to join our adventure.


Improvement on the stainless steel watch band:


After concluding an agreement with our ratchet buckle's manufacturer, we are confident to give the watch band production to them . For your information, I asked their technical team to integrate a "pusher button" system for opening the band. The quick-release pump was not as classy as the rest of the watch. This is one of the many advantages of working with major brands subcontractors: you can go maximum not only on the quality, but also on the technique.


Without showing you too much, this is what the system will look like:

image (9).png
image (10).png

Rubber watch band:


You asked us for it and here it is. It will fit perfectly into the universal link and can be installed very easily with no tools. This configuration will satisfy to both divers and fans of this kind of straps.

rubber 09.jpg
rubber 14.jpg
rubber 12.jpg
rubber 10.jpg
rubber 07.jpg

It still needs to be fine-tuned and the finish needs to be determined. There are three possibilities:

1: smooth finish.

rubber 04.jpg

2: fine grain.

rubber 06.jpg

3: medium grain.

rubber 05.jpg

Please let us know your preference by email, we will take it into account.

On the quality side, no doubt, you can guess that we will choose the top materials, even if this time we will have to select a quick release spring bar).

The band will be thick for a striking rendering and maximum strength, and the buckle has many details.

We will keep you informed of the price when we have the quotation.



Even if we prefer to be careful, we can tell you that the result is getting amazing. In fact, we have exceeded the minimum target since mid-August and reservations are increasing every day. If all goes well, Bohen will soon reach the expected target. There are still places left but we believe that the few upcoming publications, including A Blog To Watch, will lead us to a really great result.


Recently, we have recalculated our margin and found a coefficient of X1.66, which makes us the watch brand that applies the smallest margin in our segment. And even when our margin will be increased to X2 (sufficient margin for our good development over time), it will be the same.


That's the news. Only three more weeks to wait!


Sincerely, Blaise-Dominique (Founder of Bohen).

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