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Ambassadors Letter 10/19/2021

Dear ambassadors,


The sales campaign has been launched for a few days and in the meantime we have received the final models which meet 100% our requirements in terms of quality and finishes.


Many ambassadors wrote to us that they wanted to see the photos of the final Mille Mer before ordering. Good news, you will find them below. They are no longer prototypes, but final models. The watch band is just incredible and the buckle is really a beauty.



ON TUESDAY, OCTOBER 26, WE WILL OPEN THE SHOP TO EVERYONE. You therefore have a little less than one week left to benefit from your exclusive access, and to make your purchase.


As a reminder :

  • You can pay in 1 installment by card or bank transfer.

  • You can pay in 3 or 4 installments, but only by bank transfer.


Warning :

  • For transfers, the fees are 100% at your expense.

  • For Visa cards and Mastercard, please verify your payment limit with your bank in advance. Some buyers were unaware that their banks put the limitation for overseas internet transactions. After contacting their banks, they have made the transaction successfully.

Note: once sales are open to everyone, we will continue to communicate via the usual Newsletter. They always contain useful information.

And now, the photos :

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