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Dear Ambassadors,

In a few days, the Bohen StarDiver will be for sale and will provide us with a decisive answer for the future of our adventure.
The production has already started, it is impossible to go back now. It's both a jump into the emptiness and a rocket launch : the U-turn is technically impossible. But that's how I see life. It is a commitment, in which we must carry our values and submit them to others. If values are shared, then hard work and sacrifice will be rewarded. From this perspective, the worst enemy is fear. It keeps us alert and that's good, but it must not stop us.
We have already experienced these emotions with the Bohen Mille-Mer and at that time, the stress was enormous because everything arrived out of our plans and expectations. Very slow sales launch, Covid delays, haters on the internet at the beginning time, finally things calmed down and brought us a big success of which I am immensely proud towards my children and my wife: they are my rewards, we win together .

For the launch of the StarDiver, I am cautious and nervous. Lucie assures me that we are much more followed than before, that the pre-orders will be a success and that there will not be enough quantities for everyone. I admire her natural strength and enthusiasm! I am only a dream designer, I am not very organized to do analysis and projections. What is positive is that we receive a lot of messages and purchase requests from all over the world.
Luckily, I'm not superstitious at all. So, I know that Bohen's success only depends on the uniqueness of the StarDiver and the work done.

In any case, I want to tell you this: from the beginning, you have all been able to see my frankness and my honesty. Without betraying these values, I can tell you that the first five StarDiver prototypes captivated me. The construction is very impressive on a technical level, it is a demonstration of perfection that our manufacturers have offered us. I thank them from the bottom of my heart. I assume several choices :  hand-painted hands. Painting hands manually is not something industry does, because the result is not regular and more expensive. But that's what I like : human work. I assume the luxurious finishes and the effects on the highly sloped flange of the dial, which brings refinement to a toolwatch. I assume my way of writing big numbers, of writing letters on the watch case. Literature and mathematics are imprints of human elevation.
Aesthetically, I fell in love with the watch from the first second. Thanks to the smaller dimensions, the watch is immediately fitted onto the wrist. This watch is amazing, it will not need any modifications, we will only change the sound of the click of the rotating bezel, which I did not like very much. Obviously, some would want a bigger hand, others would want a smaller one. Some would like end-links on the watch band. What I give to people is my version, hoping to share its emotion with you.


Now here's where we are:
We have decided to produce only AROUND 300 pieces for this first edition. The reason is that our Ambassadors deserve rarity. In addition, small production allows more advanced work.


You noticed: I said "AROUND". Why did I say "around" ?
There remains an unknown factor for the ambassadors. Depending on the number of pieces sold to them, we will only produce 300 pieces. If there are many new customers, we will still have to welcome them in the community, especially since we have a big discount coupon in store for you which evidently impacts our margin. This gift we want to offer to you is our way of thanking you for your fantastic trust and support.
In any case, the ambassadors will be served, it is 100% guaranteed.

Concretely, our launching price will be 2,990 Euros excluding taxes. The price will then increase in two stages until we reach our normal margin of X2, which will allow us to develop new models and invest in innovation. The final price will depend on the raw materials prices, it is difficult to know where we are going in the current world situation.

For Ambassadors, an additional discount code, valid for 15 days, will be added to the launching price, for a value of 400 Euros. And we include a second box, in which there will be two silicone watch bands (one black and one orange). Of course, the steel band goes with the watch!

1: The code is only valid for an ambassador. If you pass your code to other people, their order will be cancelled, they will be refunded but we will withhold all payment fees, as well as refund fees and processing fees.

2: Everyone will be able to buy at the same time, but the ambassadors have a period of 15 days during which they are 100% guaranteed to be served.

3: Following difficulties encountered during the first campaign, we can't offer payment in installments from our payment platform. We are considering the possibility of adding it in the future but without certainty.

4: In addition to payment by card, payment by bank transfer will be possible: please select the "offline payment" option during your purchase.

5: The watches are expected to be delivered in September 2023.

Future Ambassadors:
New Ambassadors arrivals count for us because we need to expand our community. They will get this status because they will post a lot on the internet about our watches. Others will become so because they have introduced us to new clients. FYI, some of our Ambassadors made us sell 2, 3, 4 Bohen Mille-Mer; the highest record is 11 watches sold by "word of mouth" by one Ambassador ! And let's not forget those who will be arranging try-on appointments in their area, so new customers can try the watch before they buy.

Next email:
We will notify you in a few days of the opening of the pre-order campaign.
In this email, I will send you the discount code, valid for 15 days.



Notice: This email is only sent to Ambassadors. Thank you in advance for not disclose it out of our ambassador community.

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