500 pcs .

Project under Development

Forged  in Titanium, 1000m waterproof, Stardiver was born for the pros.

  • Diving 100 ATM               1,000m / 3,300ft.

  • Specification to come.

  • Military standardization.

  • Dimensions  :
  • 41 mm rotating bezel
  • Length between  lugs  48mm
  •   Height 14.5mm
  • Strap width: 24 mm

Estimated price :


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Why choose the

Bohen StarDiver?


Because it's a toolwatch, purely focused on ruggedness, utility and performance.  

No compromise: we opted for full Titanium, in grade 5.  

Widely used in aerospace and in the military field, Titanium is a very light material. Titanium is non-magnetic, ultra resistant but much more expensive and difficult to machine.  The sandblasting treatment gives it an improvement in scratch resistance, the only weak point of this technical metal.

For the pros, we placed the crown on the other side of the case. This positioning will make it possible to have a dive computer in the first position on the wrist, and to keep your Stardiver as a safety counter. In addition, we have opted for an ultra-powerful luminescence compared to our competitors.  

With the Bohen StarDiver, everything is designed to reach the extreme. 


There is a lot of work in a Bohen watch. 

Please compare our  "Value for Money" with the most famous brands.

Swiss Made

Guarantee 3


Bohen is an independent French watchmaker. We sell our watches straight to customers at factory price, in order to offer an exceptional value for money. Our production is deliberately limited, centered on the high-end luxury Swiss manufacturing. Our StarDiver and Mille Mer models are designed to be one of the best diving watches.