Why the new luxury watchmaking
has everything to please?


If our prices are disruptive, it is not because we manufacture at low prices. On the contrary, we make no concessions on quality: our watches have a high manufacturing cost, perfectly comparable to the most famous Swiss brands. We have the same manufacturers compared to them. Each component was designed by us, then developed by our technical office. Our alloys are up to the aerospace standard, while all our finishes are executed by hand in the pure tradition of watchmaking excellence.

Our movements meet the highest standards of precision and reliability (Chronofiable A8®). Pearled bridges, Rotor in Côtes de Genève, everything is sublimated in a Bohen, even the details that cannot be seen. Finally, our manufacturing process incorporates quality controls at all stages.

Contemporary era distribution.


If the Bohen Mille-Mer were distributed via a traditional network, the watch would cost you between four and five times more in store. To make our watches accessible, we have established a relationship without intermediaries between you and us. In addition, our margin, which is much lower than the big brands, is due to the fact that we do not carry out big marketing campaigns, nor sponsorship and “branding”. We have no shareholders to satisfy and our structure is very light.



We fully meet all the criteria of the new premium watchmaking world. In order to guarantee remarkable manual finishes, our models will only be produced at a few hundred pieces per year.

A Bohen timepiece must be so reliable that it can

be transmited on from one generation to the next.